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Why People Love to Snowboard

Why do people love to snowboard? It is an interesting question and of course I know why I love to snowboard, but as everyone says you should never asumme. So, I decided to ask a range of people the same question and see what they had to say…

"I love the freedom and trills of snowboarding"

“I LOVE snowboarding because it is challenging, and every day you have the opportunity to learn something new- whether its a new 'trick', something you hear from someone you meet, or just something about yourself.”

“I love EVERYTHING about Snowboarding. Very hard to put into words. Being outside an...

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Posted By: Paula Mitchell, @ Sat, 24th May 2014  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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The Count Down is On! New Zealand Winter 2014

The 2014 New Zealand snow season is literally just around the corner! The clock is ticking and there is excitement in the air! The whole of New Zealand got a nice early snowfall, which looks to stick around and provide us with a great start to the season.

The mountains are white, and the locals have itchy feet to get their skis and board on. For all those that have not skied or boarded since last season, the anticipation is immense! (some may have even got their skis or board out, to sit proudly in the living room – no names mentioned!).

The Wanaka and Queenstown ski areas are all lookin...

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Posted By: Paula Mitchell, @ Sun, 11th May 2014  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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