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Severe Weather Warning in Place Across the South Island! we go again!

You know that winter has finally arrived when the 6 o’clock news devotes the first 20 minutes to the weather.  Firstly we had droughts and the poor farmers were wondering when it was gonna rain.  Now it’s raining and the poor farmers are wondering when it’s gonna stop!

All I can tell ya is that lots of rain and colder temperatures mean snow...and lots of it!  Over the last few days all our favourite ski areas have been getting a large dose of the white stuff with both Cardrona and the Remarkables reporting bases of 22cm and a whopping 40cm respectively, and a dum...

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Posted By: Simon Slater, @ Wed, 26th May 2010  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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Do I need New Snowboard Boots?

We asked Claire to give us some tips on what to look for when buying new boots.  I was dismayed to find out that you need to have boots that fit! Also boots that look cool aren't always the best for your feet... bugger! So before I get carried away I will hand you over to Claire...

Well, we only have about 5 weeks or so before the mountains start to open – its that time to start thinking about your ski/snowboard gear and if it’s going to hold up for just one more winter…….

As a snowboard instructor, I probably go through one pair of boots a year (that’s 2 winters back to back) That’...

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Posted By: Claire Williams, @ Wed, 19th May 2010  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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