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A Kiwi Christmas

This blog post is especially for our foreign ski and snowboard friends, who reside north of the equator. It explains what Christmas is like here in New Zealand. And it’s far from the wintery white Christmas the North Pole has!

For those who have traveled with us on our skiing and snowboarding tours, will know that the New Zealand winter is in July, August and September. That means, when Christmas rolls around - its summer! So, if we want to build a snowman - we build it from sand at the beach!

Here in Wanaka a typical Christmas would be a balmy dry hot 29* Celsius, which is about 84* Fa...

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Posted By: Paula Mitchell, @ Fri, 20th Dec 2013  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Skiers and Snowboarders

We are now well into December and Christmas is fast approaching – in fact its just around the corner! No need to stress though, as I have come up with some great gift ideas, for the keen skiers and snowboarders on your ‘nice list’.

Go Pro
A Go Pro is a small, lightweight, durable video camera, which can also take stills. Its an awesome action camera for snow, surf and all things rough and tumbles. It makes the perfect skiing and snowboarding camera, with mounts that attach to your helmet, chest or better yet – a pole, which you can hold so you can even film yourself. It’s for all ag

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Posted By: Paula Mitchell, @ Tue, 10th Dec 2013  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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What Happens in Wanaka in December?

I know what you are thinking – Wanaka is a Winter town, one of the best in New Zealand for skiing and snowboarding, what can possibly happen in Wanaka over summer? Well, I would agree of course! Wanaka is a fantastic winter town, but just recently I am discovering Wanaka is also a great summer town too!

With an average of 24* Celsius, the months of December, January and February can be some of Wanaka’s busiest times. The blue skies and warm temperatures bring loads of kiwi and international travellers to Wanaka. They come complete with their tents, boats, campervans, caravans, fishing rod...

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Posted By: Paula Mitchell, @ Wed, 4th Dec 2013  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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