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5 Great Reasons to Visit Wanaka

Now that summer is here and we actually have time to blog, there is no snow to blog about! Our ski and snowboarding trips are done for another year and a lot of our clients and friends are enjoying winters up in the Northern Hemisphere. With the UK being hit pretty hard with heavy snow falls we hope that at least some of you are getting out your skis and boards and having a bit of a play. It might not be Treble Cone, but hey, anything is better than nothing right??

Here in Wanaka we are enjoying 30 degrees heat, cloudless skies, and a good 17 hours of daylight everyday. As anyone who has ev...

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Posted By: Angela Schrider, @ Mon, 29th Nov 2010  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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Wanaka Wildflowers

When the snow stops snowing and the sun starts shining it is usually time for us to head away for the summer. After doing back to back ski seasons between New Zealand and France/Colorado for a few years we decided last year to give summer in New Zealand a try. I used to be able to lie on the beach for hours but found myself last summer unable to handle the boiling temperature of 25C that we get in New Zealand. I had to spend most of the summer wandering around with a frozen flannel wrapped around my neck and getting my t-shirts out of the freezer instead of the drawers.

This year we are spe...

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Posted By: Angela Schrider, @ Mon, 22nd Nov 2010  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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