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What Makes a Good Ski or Snowboard Jacket?

What should I look for in a ski or snowboard jacket? I’m a skier, can I wear a snowboard jacket? I’m a snowboarder so can I wear a ski jacket? Should I get one with a pit zips? and what colour is cool this season?!

Snow outerwear has come along way since we started skiing for fun. With so many options to choose from, and so many different features, buying the right ski or snowboard jacket has the potential to be quite overwhelming. It’s meant to be a fun and exciting experience, so I will give you a few insights into what I think makes a good jacket and what features to look out for.


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Posted By: Paula Mitchell, @ Fri, 30th Nov 2012  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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Snow Love

I love the snow and you love the snow, we all LOVE the snow! So what is it about this white, shimmery, cold stuff that makes us love, smile and just feel so good inside? I pondered this question and here’s what I came up with…

Weather (yes that’s a pun) you’re skiing, snowboarding, sliding down in a rubbish bag or sitting in the café with a warm coffee watching your kids/grandkids play in it, the snow just seems to make us feel so good.

Maybe it’s that feeling of freedom you have, as the cool, crisp, fresh air rushes past while you cruise down the ski slopes. Maybe it’s the sense of cal...

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Posted By: Paula Mitchell, @ Fri, 23rd Nov 2012  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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What Does BEX Stand For?

Who is Rebecca Sinclair and what has she got to do with NZ Snow Tours?!

Bex Sinclair loves a snowy Cardrona Rebecca Sinclair, a.k.a ‘BEX’, does not have a day named after her, like Guy Fawkes, nor does she have thousands of fire works set off in her celebration. She does however, have a sparkle in her eye. Behind that sparkle is relentless determination, guts and passion. Bex is one of New Zealand’s handful of pro snowboarders. She’s an Olympian, she’s incredibly talented, she’s unassuming, modest and also just happens to be my friend. Convenient.

Also convenient is my knowledge that all...

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Posted By: Paula Mitchell, @ Fri, 16th Nov 2012  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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