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Rose Battersby - New Zealand's Free-Skier Extraodinaire

Rose Battersby is making her way towards the Russia 2014 Olympics. She is a rising star and she is only 19!

Most other 19 year olds would be at home celebrating Christmas at this time of year. But Rose is battling mid winter negative temperatures in Breckenridge, Colorado, where she is training and competing, day in and day out. Definitely, no ordinary life. Looking beyond her incredible talent, Rose has a fun loving personality and is always in for a good laugh. 

"Three things sum up Rose, Justin Bieber, and YOLO. There is no doubt she will make you smile." - Hannah Trigger


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Ski and Snowboard Outfit Accessories

Accessories finish off your snow ensemble. They include such items as… hats, helmets, gloves, neck warmers, goggles and sunglasses. Having good quality items can certainly make your day more comfortable.

#1 Lets start at the top with beanies. Also known as woollen hats, bobble hats and tuques depending on where you are from. These days most people wear a helmet when on the slopes, so a beanie is worn when commuting to and from the mountain. Beanies are perfect for covering your helmet hair at lunch and after skiing, especially if it matches the rest of your outfit! They are also great for...

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What Makes good Ski or Snowboard Pants?

Can I wear my jeans under my ski or snowboard pants? What should I wear under my ski pants? Do I have to wear waterproof pants? What features should I look for?

These are all good questions to ask about your ski or snowboard pants. Having the right pair of snow pants is key to making a good ski, or snowboard day, a great one. In this blog I am going to run through the do’s and don’ts of snow pants, as well as some of my favourite features. Here we go…

Roll your pant legs up when not on the snow. DO:

  • Wear thermals under your ski or snowboard pants to keep you toasty warm.
  • Roll up t...

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