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Boots Boots Boots, Snowboard Boots Fit

Boots can make or break your day. Yes - they are that important!

This week I am talking all about the snowboard boot fit. Being a long time snowboarder, and spending I am sure 10’s of 1000’s of hours in snowboard boots –I absolutely have some experience and knowledge that I would like to pass onto you! 

So, if you are looking to buy or get fitted to rent snowboard boots, what should you look out for?
First of all, start with the size of your gym shoe. Try that size boot on and see how it feels. Now please just wear one sock, preferably a thinner merino wool one. Although you might think...

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Posted By: Paula Mitchell, @ Wed, 29th May 2013  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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Amber Arazny Awesome Aussie Snowboarder

Amber Arazny is one of Australia’s top female snowboarders. She rides it all; jumps, rails and halfpipe. She has got it all really, she rips on a snowboard, is super cute and is just hands down a genuinely nice girl! I was lucky enough to catch up with Amber today – she has a very busy schedule, juggling work, university studies, and dry land training (gym work). Let see what she had to say…

Name: Amber Arazny
Age: 22
Sport and discipline: Snowboarding - halfpipe
Nationality: Australian

Thanks Amber for taking the time to chat with us today. How are you? And how is it to be back h...

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Posted By: Paula Mitchell, @ Thu, 16th May 2013  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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Winter is Here and it Looks Like a Goodie

I am pleased to announce in this blog, that Mother Nature has snapped her fingers and winter has arrived to the New Zealand ski fields. 

Most ski resorts will be open by the 1st of July with some opening a even earlier than that! Awesome! With snow already covering most of these ski fields, and still 7 or so weeks to go before opening – It looks like things are setting up for an EXCELLENT WINTER!!!

If you are after more proof of this early snowfall, pop over to our photo gallery by clicking here.

That’s all for this week, and of course I promise to keep you all snow updated in the...

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Posted By: Paula Mitchell, @ Thu, 9th May 2013  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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The Ultimate Day off Activities for the Wanaka Adventure

Skiing and snowboarding is hands down the BEST thing to do during the winter in Wanaka! (Yes of course I am a little biased!). But reality says… most people's legs just can’t ski or snowboard for 4, 5 or more days straight. Unless of course you have thighs of steel! That means for the majority of us, somewhere in your ski holiday you are going to have a day or two off the snow. So, what to do with that day off you ask?

Well, Wanaka is one of the most incredible places in the world! (This is not bias, it’s an actual fact!). Right at your door step there are so many choices of rad things yo...

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Posted By: Paula Mitchell, @ Wed, 1st May 2013  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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