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The Halfpipe

A halfpipe in snowboard and ski terms is literally a halfpipe cut out of the snow. You have likely seen them at resorts you’ve visited and wondered 'what on earth is that for!?'

You might have even seen halfpipes used in skate boarding, which is where the idea came from way back when. Halfpipes started off pretty small at about 12 foot high and were dug out by hand! But these days the standard halfpipe size is 22 foot (that is the just over 2 stories high!) and is cut with a purposefully built, very expensive machine. Have a look at the photo below of the Olympic halfpipe in Vancouver 2010...

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Kiwis and Their Weather

Kiwis just love talking about the weather, it’s ingrained in our nature. Whether we are ordering a coffee, greeting a friend, or debriefing from the day – the weather will always pop up in conversation!

“How’s that wind out there” “What about that rain last night” or “Did you see all that snow that Wanaka got!”

It even makes news headlines probably more consistently than any other topic! Leading television news stories or front-page headlines, sometimes taking up the entire front page of National papers! – I tell you, us kiwis just love our weather!

Taking this love of weather into co...

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