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Cardrona and Treble Cone Open!

Finally - the long wait between winters is over! Over the last couple of days both of Wanaka's ski areas opened to bluebird skies and fresh powder - YES!

With new snow falling in Wanaka and Queenstown on Wednesday conditions were set for a great day up at Treble Cone on Thursday. Unfortunately, due other work commitments the team from NZ Snow Tours couldn't make it up to TC to experience it (believe it or not there is in fact more to running a snow tour company than just jollying around on skis and snowboards all day!!). By all accounts it was a day not to be missed, the sun was shining and...

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Posted By: Angela Schrider, @ Sat, 26th Jun 2010  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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Club Fields - Snow Everywhere and not a Chairlift in Sight

Club Fields - Snow Everywhere and Not a Chairlift in Sight! If you have ever done any research into a snow holiday in New Zealand you will probably have heard of the club fields. Many people scratch their head at the mention of the clubbies so we here at NZ Snow Tours are here to enlighten you!

A club field is a ski area that was founded, developed, and run by ski club members to provide affordable skiing to members. You don’t have to be a member to ski or snowboard there although there are great discounts to those that are. Anyone can join a club field for a small annual payment but if y...

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Posted By: Angela Schrider, @ Wed, 23rd Jun 2010  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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Living Life through a Fish Eye

Living Life Through a Fish Eye.

One of the best things about being in the ski industry is the people you meet on the way.  Everyone has got a story to tell about the profession they have chosen to be in and how they got there. Some people are only around for a season, some stay around for a while, and others are in it for life……..or as my old man says “until I get a proper job!”.

So with this in mind we have been out and about talking to as many people as possible, about why they love the snow, how they got here, and at the same time getting you some top tips from the professionals.


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Posted By: Simon Slater, @ Sat, 12th Jun 2010  View comments (0)  Add a comment

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