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Rose Battersby - New Zealand's Free-Skier Extraodinaire

Rose Battersby is making her way towards the Russia 2014 Olympics. She is a rising star and she is only 19!

Most other 19 year olds would be at home celebrating Christmas at this time of year. But Rose is battling mid winter negative temperatures in Breckenridge, Colorado, where she is training and competing, day in and day out. Definitely, no ordinary life. Looking beyond her incredible talent, Rose has a fun loving personality and is always in for a good laugh. 

"Three things sum up Rose, Justin Bieber, and YOLO. There is no doubt she will make you smile." - Hannah Trigger

She just placed 8th in the Dew Tour Women’s Freeski event at Breckenridge, USA. For those of you unfamiliar - the Dew Tour is one of the highest-level contests you can do as a freeskier. You even have to be invited! She was riding and competing against the worlds best. I caught up with her the other day; let's see what she had to say for herself…

Name: Rose Margaret Battersby

Age: 19
Sport: Freeskiing 

Nationality: Kiwi

Can you give us a quick run down of what exactly you do on the snow?
On snow I go over pretty large jumps and when I'm in the air I spin and flip and try to make it look really good.

So… how big are those jumps exactly?
The jumps are usually between 60 to 90 feet in length from take off to landing.

(To put those jump sizes into perspective I have done a little research. I worked out that Rose jumps over the equivalent of seven cars lined up bumper to bumper!)

What is it about skiing that keeps you coming back for more?
The thing that keeps me coming back is the feeling I get from learning a new trick or doing well in a competition.

This was your second season living in Wanaka, if you had to pick your two favourite things about the area, what would they be?                               Wanaka is awesome because it’s just like my hometown Taupo, just on a smaller scale. It has amazing mountains and beautiful scenery. An awesome place to be an active person.

I absolutely agree Rose, Wanaka is an awesome place to be an active person, an endless number of things to do. Thanks for your time,  all of us here at NZ Snow Tours wish you the best of luck with your competitions and training!

We will be catching up with more athletes next year, as well as all sorts of other Snow related topics, so do stay tuned!


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Posted By: Paula Mitchell, @ Thu, 20th Dec 2012

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