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Classic Kiwi Candy to Take Home as Treats

One of the most asked questions by our guests near the end of their New Zealand snow holidays is “What kiwi chocolate or candy (lollies/sweets) can I take back home for gifts?” So, I thought I would just go ahead and make this easy for everyone. Here is our latest blog post on classic kiwi candy! These can all be found in your local supermarket, so make sure you fill your bags!


Jaffas are a kiwi iconic candy and only found here in New Zealand (and also Australia, but shhh). They were around long ago, and if you ask some of the ‘older’ generation they will tell you stories of rolling jaffa’s down the picture theatre (cinema) aisle as a child. That means they must be at least 50 years old! We hold these Jaffa’s with such prestige that as part of the Cadbury chocolate festival, we race jaffas down the steepest street in the world – just to make a statement. The jaffa is made from delectable dark chocolate covered in an orange flavoured candy shell.

Pineapple Lumps

Pineapple lumps are another kiwi classic. They are made from delicious chewy pineapple candy, which is covered in 'melt in your mouth' milk chocolate. These bite size beauties have been around for over 50 years and originally were made in Oamaru, which a small town on the east coast of New Zealand. They were firstly called pineapple chunks, but had a name change in the 60's to make them more unique. 

Whittaker's Chocolate

Now you can't go home without sampling some of this good stuff! Grandfather Whittaker was the first Whittaker to develop a taste for chocolate when he was working for a confectioner in England at the age of 14! Ah, that would have been my dream job at 14 – just pay me in chocolate please! Anyways, he moved to New Zealand and started making Whitaker’s chocolate in 1890 and would sell it door to door with his horse and van! The children and grandchildren eventually took over and the rest is just delicious history.

Whittaker's chocolate is so smooth and creamy, actually the smoothest and creamiest I have ever had! Classic kiwi flavours include; Peanut Block, Hokey Pokey, Kiwi Fruit and Creamy Milk. You may as well buy this stuff in the big blocks, as you will find it will never be enough!

Posted By: Paula Mitchell, @ Thu, 12th Sep 2013

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