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Our Travel Tips

Travel is something I love to do, it’s exciting, it’s new and it’s unknown. I have been lucky enough, to have traveled the globe several times over. During these many miles I have picked up a few travel tips and I would like to share them with you.

Keep those important things with you
There is a fine line between keeping your carry on nice and light and keeping your important items in it. A carry on wheelie bag if you have not used one will change your world! Keep your 'must have' items in there, just in case your checked bag gets lost! (I am very experienced at lost baggage!). Also, it's a great idea that your entire luggage should be wheelie! Snowboard and ski bags these days all come with wheels, if you have not used one before I can tell you its life changing! 

This is a funny one and will depend on your wardrobe, but I always try to wear something comfortable and with pockets. It is actually very similar to how I like my snowboard or ski jacket and pants to have lots of pockets! Pockets are key for the temporary stash of ‘stuff’ whether it be your boarding pass, coins, your phone, or something you just bought. Pockets are great so you can stuff and stash and quickly have both your hands back.

Stay Hydrated
Have your own water bottle with you and continue to sip away. The recirculated air in planes can quickly make you dehydrated. So stay hydrated and you will feel much better for it.

Travel comfort
Earplugs, eye mask and a neck cushion (blow up so it easy easily packed) are essential items for me when traveling. I can never quite get my head in the right position to be comfortable and the neck cushion is my saviour. Earplugs greatly reduce that inflight engine hum, while the eye mask blocks out light to help me relax.

Sunglasses off
Once you arrive at your destination it essential you adjust your body clock to the new time zone as quickly as possible, even if it is only 3 or 4 hours difference. If it is daytime when you arrive, get out in the sun and keep those sunglasses off. I am not entirely able to explain to science behind that, but it works! It can sometimes feel awful trying to get into the right time zone, but do your best so you can start to enjoy your holiday! Happy Traveling! 

“The journey is the destination.”

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Posted By: Paula Mitchell, @ Fri, 15th Feb 2013

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