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It's all Angela's Fault

To be quite honest I think all the bad news that is happening around the world right now is Angela’s fault.  Every place she has ever visited or had planned to visit has either blown up, been swept away or is in the middle of a civil war!

A few months ago she announced that the wanderlust had returned and she was planning a trip (inspired I think by Joanna Lumley) around Africa and parts of the Middle East. A few of the highlights of the trips were going to be Egypt, Yemen, Bahrain and Libya.

She has spent plenty of time in Christchurch and Japan, went to school in Iraq and college in Afghanistan (I may have made up the last 2) but the point is valid.  If Ange tells you of a planned trip, either wait for 10 years before going or don’t go at all.

Onto brighter notes, the temperatures have dropped and snow has already fallen down as far as Wanaka  (the peaks around Wanaka anyway).  We at NZ Snow Tours, have been working hard on the up and coming season, with a new tour and new accommodation being high on our agenda.

This year have decided to offer you a choice in your accommodation needs.  Tell us your preferred accommodation option (or budget) from our wide range of personally vetted accommodation partners and voila...job done!!  This offers more flexibility for singles, couples and groups, with all options closer to town.  It means that whatever your budget or schedule we can now arrange a tour for you.

The second bit of fantastic news is that this year we have added a new tour package.  The Tekapo tour based by the wonderful Lake Tekapo, will offer a taste of the club fields in some of the highest and driest snow New Zealand has to offer.  We are already booked out for the tour’s original dates, but we can always open up new dates, as demand requires.

We have had many enquiries about the Craigieburn tour, with people wondering whether in light of the devastating Christchurch earthquake are we still running the tour.  Obviously the quakes have left the whole of Christchurch with a massive amount of damage but the ski fields and Castle Hill village are far enough away to thankfully escape any problems.   So yes, we will still be running the Craigieburn Adventure and as one of the most stunning and expansive areas of skiing and riding to be had anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere, you would have to be slightly mad to miss out!! We will also be donating $50 for every Craigieburn Adventure tour booked to the Earthquake relief fund - what better way to help out Christchurch than a week spent skiing or snowboarding??

So til next time, stay safe....

Si & A

Posted By: Simon Slater, @ Sun, 27th Mar 2011

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