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Things to do before you turn 40

The big news this week besides the X-Games (more on that later), was the extension of the  Cardrona ski area. They are building a new chair called The Valley View, cleverly using the old Captains four man fixed grip. The chair will extend below Whitestar, increasing the advanced and intermediate terrain at a stroke.  This can only mean one of our favorite ski areas is gonna be even better this winter. 

If you love your snow sports you would have been glued to your screens for the last few days watching the X-Games #14.  All of the top skiers, snowboarders, and nutters on ski doos from around the world were spinning and hitting new records. Some of the notable winners were Shaun White in the pipe (surprise?), Bobby Brown and Gretchen Bieiler. The best result of the games however (well for us anyway), was Wanakas own Jossi Wells, silver in the ski SuperPipe, and fantastic performances in the Big Air and Slopestyle too.  So a big shout out to all the competitors - can't wait for the Winter Olympics.... 

I also achieved quite a milestone this week.  Yep, I made the big 40. To celebrate, Ange and some other friends decided to throw me out of a perfectly good airplane. To say I was nervous is the biggest understatement since Tiger said he had been unfaithful!  After donning a rather fetching red  jumpsuit, I walked to the plane with the phrase "dead man walking" ringing through my head!

Now when I have flown in planes before, they always tell you to have your tray tables up and attach your seatbelt. Not in this case! I sat on the floor next to a 2 cm piece of plastic covering the hole I was about to jump out of... really helped my nerves I can tell you.  We got to 12,000 ft and it was all go, door open, legs hanging, smile at camera........oh shit............ What a rush!  the next second I was speeding at 200 kph towards Taupo, it was one of the best things I have ever done. Big up to Taupo Tandem Skydiving and the guy who didn't kill me - Brad!

So to celebrate this milestone (that's turning 40, not the skydive!)  we are offering a stunning offer. If you book with us (for any tour this year) by Feb 7th,  we will give you $10 off for every year I have been alive, so that's a saving of $400 off our regular price*.

As always there are plenty of deals to be had to those who take a bit of time looking at the best flight deals on offer.  The best offer I could find today was with Jetstar.  A return from Sydney-Christchurch is only $244 AUD (plus tax and fees), so it really does pay to look around.  Something else to think about if you don't mind a little bit of messing about is getting a cheap flight to Auckland/Wellington, and then picking up one of the many domestic specials, these are on offer all the time - you just need to check it out.

And finally.... we have scored a sweet uniform deal with one of NZ's coolest companies Groovstar.  They will be supplying our jacket and pants for the winter, so you will be sure not to lose us on the hill!  

Til Next time,


Well done Jossi you rock!!!

Posted By: Simon Slater, @ Mon, 1st Feb 2010

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