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What if we book one of your first tours for the season but the snow has not arrived yet?

We schedule our tours to start at the beginning of July, which is a few weeks into the beginning of the New Zealand snow season.  We do this to ensure that the snow will have definitely arrived by the time you do!  We have not had to cancel a trip yet due to lack of snow, and don’t see ourselves doing it anytime soon.

  • Destinations


    NZ Snow Tours has four perfect locations in the Southern Alps, all of them ideally situated to give you easy access to the best ski areas in New Zealand!

  • Tours & Packages

    Tours & Packages

    NZ Snow Tours has a number of exciting options to choose from, each designed so that you can experience the best snow in the Southern Alps.

  • Meet Your Guides

    Meet Your Guides

    NZ Snow Tours has a team of expertly skilled mountain professionals on hand who will ensure your trip is a safe and enjoyable one.