• What Makes good Ski or Snowboard Pants?

    Wed, 5th Dec 2012
    What Makes good Ski …

    Can I wear my jeans under my ski or snowboard pants? What should I wear under my ski pants? Do I have to wear waterproof pants? What features should I look for?…

  • What Makes a Good Ski or Snowboard Jacket?

    Fri, 30th Nov 2012
    What Makes a Good Sk…

    What should I look for in a ski or snowboard jacket? I’m a skier, can I wear a snowboard jacket? I’m a snowboarder so can I wear a ski jacket? Shoul…

  • Snow Love

    Fri, 23rd Nov 2012
    Snow Love

    I love the snow and you love the snow, we all LOVE the snow! So what is it about this white, shimmery, cold stuff that makes us love, smile and just feel so goo…

  • Back to Work

    Tue, 2nd Mar 2010
    Back to Work

    Well, the Olympics is over which means it is time to go back to work. Love the Olympics, always a good excuse to sit on your backside for two weeks and watch te…

  • Things to do before you turn 40

    Mon, 1st Feb 2010
    Things to do before …

    The big news this week besides the X-Games (more on that later), was the extension of the  Cardrona ski area. They are building a new chair called The Vall…

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    NZ Snow Tours has four perfect locations in the Southern Alps, all of them ideally situated to give you easy access to the best ski areas in New Zealand!

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    Tours & Packages

    NZ Snow Tours has a number of exciting options to choose from, each designed so that you can experience the best snow in the Southern Alps.

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    NZ Snow Tours has a team of expertly skilled mountain professionals on hand who will ensure your trip is a safe and enjoyable one.