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23rd June 2018

Another ski field opens today - go check out Treble Cone Ski Area for some first tracks!!

Photo: Treble Cone Ski Area

20th June 2018

Crystal clear days โ„

19th June 2018

NZSki created this amazing video about The Remarkables. If you are stoked for the season 2018 these shots will give you goose bumps!

18th June 2018

Snowboarder dad teaching his skier daughter at Mt Hutt ๐Ÿ™ƒ

18th June 2018

You should definitely go there - Coronet Peak opened last weekend!!

Photo: Coronet Peak

16th June 2018

High five for Cardrona Alpine Resort, NZ being open today!!

15th June 2018

Sending it at Mt Hutt!

13th June 2018

Checking on those perfect groomers :D

Photo: Cardrona Alpine Resort, NZ

11th June 2018

Morning mood? Yes!
Photo: Mt Dobson Ski Area

8th June 2018

Treat yourself to a early season shred - Mt Hutt is open!!

7th June 2018

Jumping The Remarkables because they opened the mountain today!!

Photo: The Remarkables

6th June 2018

Briefing the future professionals.

Photo: Cardrona Alpine Resort, NZ

5th June 2018

Casual Cliff Jumps at Mt Dobson Ski Area!!

3rd June 2018

It is finally June and the first mountain is open - the winter season 2018 officially started!!

Check out our tours on and let the winter start for you โ„

1st June 2018

Flying through the blue heaven!

30th May 2018

Here a follow up on previous posts - they made it to the top! ;)

28th May 2018

Slash spree's and clouds!

Photo: Porters Ski Area

25th May 2018

Right now or last Winter? ;) It is dumping on New Zealand's mountains, be prepared for an epic season and book your NZ Snow Tour now!!

Photo: Porters Ski Area

23rd May 2018

On the chairlift with style!

21st May 2018

Learning new stuff NZ Snow Tours !

18th May 2018

Check out what our NZ Snow Tours have to offer in Queenstown! Come on tour with us and experince it first hand!

16th May 2018

Ski - Snowboard - Snowboard - Snowboard - Snowboard - Ski, the crew!

14th May 2018

Our three hikers are nearly there -> going for the top of the mountain!

11th May 2018

Framing the important things -> Friends, Snow, Bluebird!

10th May 2018

Meet Verve. He's an adventure junkie, husband, father and much loved ex Haka Tour Guide. He is also a cancer survivor.

To raise money for Lymphoma Cancer Research, on the 24th of April Haka Tours took Verve (and his daughter Bella) on the biggest Queenstown adventure you could possibly fit into one day โ€“ Verveโ€™s Carpe Diem:

This charity seeks to raise money for Lymphoma Cancer Research in New Zealand. Please donate: