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20th April 2018

Slash spree's for days!

Photo: Porters Ski Area

18th April 2018

Left - right - left - right - left - NZ Snow Tours has the rhythm!

Photo: Mt Dobson Ski Area

16th April 2018

Best activity to enjoy as a family during winter - and the kids will never get to old for it! NZ Snow Tours will take you to the mountains.

Photo: Mt Dobson Ski Area

13th April 2018

Hoping for days like this in winter, especially after the current storm that brought New Zealand lot's of bad weather but also snow!

12th April 2018

"We are really excited for this season, it is going to be an awesome one" YES!

11th April 2018

Right or wrong?

10th April 2018

This is so exciting!

9th April 2018

Snowboarding or skiing?

7th April 2018

You wish to choose your own line - check out NZ Snow tours!

5th April 2018

Get ready for the snow season! ⛄️

3rd April 2018

No friends on powder days! But who will take the pictures?

31st March 2018

Happy Easter everyone! Where would you hide easter eggs the best?

28th March 2018

The easter weekend is coming up, go outside and enjoy the nature from which ever angle you can!

26th March 2018

The winter is coming to an end on the northern hemisphere but we down here in the south are just getting started!

23rd March 2018

It's offically autumn and snowing on the South Island!

21st March 2018

Hang loose on NZ Snow Tours.

19th March 2018

We are happy to congratulate Corey Peters - Alpine Ski Racer to win a bronze medal and Adam J Hall to win bronze and gold at the Paralympics 2018. You made New Zealand proud!

16th March 2018

Flying into the last official summer weekend like... #WinterIsComing

14th March 2018

Bring your family or friends - or come and make life long friends on our NZ Snow Tours!

13th March 2018

An ocean of snow..

12th March 2018

New Zealand winter on fire!

9th March 2018

Our favourite way to get around New Zealand when it snowed!

8th March 2018

Remember this when driving in New Zealand's winter!

7th March 2018

What we do while waiting for winter...balancing a tree! #ThatWanakaTree

6th March 2018

Snowbording, Surfing, Skating in one minute or all in one day in New Zealand...