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Snow + Music = Happiness

Snow and Music – two of my favourite things (along with food and Nana naps of course!). I have never combined them though for some reason. I guess when looking back on the last few years on snow, I have spent the majority of my time either instructing people or guiding them around the mountain. How would you feel if you paid $2000 odd to come on one of our snow trips and I cruised around with headphones in my ear the entire time? Probably not ideal!

Of course, there have been plenty of people that have come on our tours that do listen to music while they ski or snowboard. It took me three days on one of our trips to figure out why Caz kept tapping her helmet every time I started talking. She had one of those fancy helmets where the beats come out of the piece covering her ear. I thought she had some sort of tic. Maybe the high percentage of people listening to tunes on our trips is a reflection on my bad jokes. I can’t blame them really, I would probably try to tune them out too if I had a choice.

Many people prefer not to listen to music while they ski or ride as they like to listen to what is going on around them. I think I fall into that camp too. The sound of a snowboard on ice is probably one of my least favourite sounds (especially when it is my snowboard on ice!). Listening to the silence of riding through deep powder in the trees is one of my favourites. Either way, I do like to have all of my senses at full capacity while on the snow.

It took me seven or eight years of running before I started listening to music on my runs. Now I can’t run without music. I am a massive fan of seventies rock (The Who, Led Zep, Bowie etc…) and eighties 'cheese'. I credit Bonnie Tyler’s 'Holding Out For A Hero' for getting me back into running on more than one occasion. If you are looking for a way to get fit before the 2013 ski season I thoroughly recommend a playlist containing Bonnie. In fact, I challenge you not to run with her

No doubt, music definitely gets you amped up for things. Have you ever seen Kelly Clark (pretty much the most awesome female snowboarder ever) prepare for her halfpipe run? Not sure what she has on her playlist but I want it! To see her singing out loud before dropping into the pipe gives me so much pleasure - for one, it reminds me that perhaps I am not the worst singer in the world (sorry Kelly, but you can't be good at everything!)

Do you like to listen to music while snowboarding or skiing? If so, what are your favourite tracks? Maybe together we can create the ultimate playlist for your days on snow.

This month we have a competition to win some sweet Skullcandy headphones. Check it out on our Facebook page if you want to be in to win. 


PS - Thanks Paula for letting me write this weeks blog! Paula is busy up in Canterbury fighting fires so I thought I would step up and get this weeks entry in.

Posted By: Paula Mitchell, @ Sat, 12th Jan 2013

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